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Medical Solutions

It is very helpful to know about medication side effects, hormones, autoimmune disorders, chemotherapy and radiation treatments and other medical issues which affect hair loss.

We take this into account when designing a hairpiece or recommending a ready-made wig. For example, an individual with low thyroid or lupus may experience hair thinning throughout the entire head, and a three quarters piece, full wig, or integration piece would be most appropriate. On the other hand, a woman with androgenetic alopecia will experience loss primarily on top, therefore a top piece design would be more suitable.

For chemotherapy clients, length of treatment is very important in choosing a wig or hairpiece. For example, most breast cancer treatments are shorter in duration and a synthetic wig or ready-made human hair wig is usually a good choice. In cancer treatments which can be longer, such as with leukemia, a custom human hair piece or higher quality wig which can be customized would be recommended.

For radiation clients, the hair does not grow back in the areas radiated. Therefore a higher quality piece would be a better choice since it will last longer.

Our custom hairpieces and customized ready-made pieces are designed with short and long term in mind. For example, a person in chemotherapy who expects to lose all their hair will want the piece to fit snug in the beginning yet have flexibility to stretch when their hair is growing back over time.

We offer home or hospital visits to assist with hairpieces and wigs.